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...SWOP at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg strives to conduct high quality research on the world of work. We are primarily academic in orientation, with an emphasis on disseminating research through teaching, publications and conferences. We attempt to maintain communication and interaction with a broad range of actors within the world of work, such as organised labour, business, government and other research organisations....
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Spectacular waterfalls and lush vegetation, with birds out on perches, in walk-through aviaries and open paddocks, this little jewel is one of the finest bird parks in the world! Come and see spectacular macaws and elegant flamingoes, and see how some of the world’s rarest birds live and breed. A viewing window will allow you to follow the activity in the baby room, where plump little chicks are reared by loving foster-parents. You’ll see the stately cranes, the comical toucans and loads more. Free flight Bird Show – the first in Africa, with critically endangered species like the Wattled Crane, as well as owls, storks, hornbills and a Cape Vulture in free unrestricted flight – HIGHLY educational and loads of fun. Bird show at 11am and 2pm every day. You’ve never seen anything like it…  In South Africa
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