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* A comprehensive range of local and overseas academic and general books, journals, local and overseas magazines and newspapers. * Wide stock-holding of South African publications including select range of children\'s books and school reference books. We also stock non-commercial publications, i.e. NGO, research organisations\' publications. Also SA journals covering current affairs, gender, literature, labour studies, etc. * Stock range built on customers\' requests - so if it\'s topical we\'re more likely to stock it. Also stock children\'s books, school library books and College reference books. Sale books available throughout the year. * Books-in-print on Compact Dics - a detailed database allowing multi-access searches for books on virtually any subject. Information can be printed immediately for easy reference. * Directories of the Bookshops of London and the Second-Hand Bookshops of the British Isles - for when the publisher can\'t supply. * In addition to regular UK / USA suppliers, we have contacts in The Netherlans, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. * Conference Exhibitions specialists - wide experience over many years - our Books-in-print on CD allows us to research titles specifically for the topic and to get the very latest titles. * Connected for E-mail for your easy ordering and access to the Internet to source specialist books and book reviews. * Weekly airfreight service - urgent UK orders can be supplied within one to two weeks. * Account facilities available and appro facilities for regulars. * Open every Saturday (8.30 - 12.00) for easier access.  In South Africa
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